Best Sewing Machine for Beginners in the Market

No machine can be a good machine if it doesn’t meet the demands, requirements and expectations of the user. Same goes with the sewing machine which are trending a lot these days due to its demand in a lot of domains. They were a thing only for the professional designers and the tailors, but now the youngsters too have them at home in order to quench their thirst of becoming a fashion designer. There are plenty of designs, models and types available for the beginners, but all might not be suitable to be used by everyone. The needs of different people vary and so is the price according to the type and range of the machine.

The professional machines are the most expensive, especially because of their versatility and the options they have. The option for beginners is very limited with ease of use and basic functions are given the main priority. The best sewing machine for beginners is the one which has all the basic features and is easy to use. The price for the beginner products should also be reasonable so that the newbies can practice their stitching with a lot of ease, convenience and the peace of mind.

Types of sewing machines

There are a number of different types of sewing machines which are given below for your consideration:

  • Lockstitch  type – This is a very basic type which is preferred for domestic use and sometimes in schools as well for training purposes. The system can be operated with a foot, which may also be transformed into an electrical machine.
  • Hi-speed lockstitch – This type is also sometimes referred as a straight or an industrial machine. It is ideally used by tailors and several other types of dressmakers and designers. The best thing about this type is its auto lubrication.
  • Over edging  machine – it is also alternatively known as small machine by the professionals. Its main use is in finishing the raw edges which are found in the pattern of the fabric under construction.
  • Embroidery machine – Just as the name suggests, this type is suitable for the embroidery stitching purposes of all kinds. The fabric used for embroidery can be for a pillow case, linen, Barong Tagalong and other types of novelty items.
  • Button Holer – This kind is specifically used in making the button holes in shirts, trousers or any other types of garments.
  • Button attachment­ –This kind is specifically used by the professionals to attach buttons to a variety of garments where they are needed.
  • Double Needle – It is used in the making of a variety of clothing which includes the likes of the side seam, inseam or the out seam.
  • Bartacking – This machine works specifically for making the openings of the pockets in clothing and is aptly used by professionals.

Choosing the right one for beginners

The beginners are the tailor or dress designer in the making so they do not have any complex requirements. Rather, they need to have very simple machine which can help them in their training and also the system should be easy to use. Luckily, there are a number of manufacturers who come up with various models that are suitable for the newbies. The following is a list of some of the types which will help you take a good decision while choosing such a system for the beginners:

  • First of all set aside a decent budget which you are willing to spend in buying such equipment.
  • Determine that how many stitches you would require. A straight and a zig zag stitch is ideal for the starters.
  • Consider the option which can help you adjust the length of your either straight or the zig zag stitch. This thing will make you learn a lot of new things about the stitching process.
  • Evaluate the attachments that come with a package which can be presser feet, walking foot and the buttonhole foot etc. These things might be considered in the next level but should be considered for making a value deal first up.
  • Determine the size and the performance of the motor which works as the backbone of the machine. The rule of thumb is that heavier the motor or the machine, stronger will be the output or the performance.
  • Determine the noise factor is that is something which can frustrate you.
  • Consider that you want a mechanical or a computerized machine with touch system panel and a display screen. The latter can be an expensive option.
  • Consider the repute and value of the manufacturer which will be a great indicator towards buying the best sewing machine for beginners.

​​Top 10 Sewing Machine for Beginners in 2020

There are plenty of products which can be considered for the beginners but below given is a well researched list of the top 10 products:

​List of 10 Best Sewing Machine to Buy

1. Brother XL2600I Series

This one is probably the best option available for the beginners. The following is a list of its main features to look out for:

  1. This one comes with 25 built in stitch patterns.
  2. There is onboard storage space for keeping the accessories. It comes with accessory presser feet and also a manual.
  3. The key performance features are its needle threader, drop in bobbin loading, thread cutter and the auto bobbin winding.
  4. It is a 110V system with foot control.
  5. There is a light bulb on board for giving users the workspace illumination.

2. Singer 7258 Stylist

It is a computerized machine giving a lot of versatility to the newbies. The following features will give you a better idea about this product:

  1. It is a computerized system with 100 built in stitch patterns.
  2. The system is extremely easy to use with its automatic needle threader.
  3. The LED display shows the auto stitch length and width.
  4. The drop in bobbin is very easy to load for the fresher.
  5. You can sew with ease using the electronic auto pilot with no need of the foot pedal.

2. Singer 7258 Stylist

It is a computerized machine giving a lot of versatility to the newbies. The following features will give you a better idea about this product:

  1. It is a computerized system with 100 built in stitch patterns.
  2. The system is extremely easy to use with its automatic needle threader.
  3. The LED display shows the auto stitch length and width.
  4. The drop in bobbin is very easy to load for the fresher.
  5. You can sew with ease using the electronic auto pilot with no need of the foot pedal.

3. Janome Computerized System 

It is a computerized system which is only suitable for usage in USA or Canada as it is 110V. It is a bit advance system but the fresher can also exploit its brilliance. The following points must be considered:

  1. The option comes with as many as 50 stitch patterns.
  2. The manufacturer’s special Superior Feed System allows the users with unsurpassed quality in stitching projects.
  3. You will get 3 different buttonhole style options.
  4. It has a memorized up or down needle stop feature.
  5. There is on board storage for accessories and despite a range of multiple functions, the machine is easy to use for the beginners.

4. Brother CS6000I Feature-enriched system

It is an excellent option for the starters which is affordable and easy to use at the same time. The below given are its top features:

  1. It is ideal to use both for beginners and advance users with quilting sewing projects.
  2. The users enjoy variable speed control and can press on harder if they have a good control.
  3. The system is totally jam resistant with quick set drop-in bobbin.
  4. The users have the advantage of the LCD screen where all the length and width of the stitches made will be displayed.
  5. The start/ stop button give users better control over the system.

​5. Janome 2212 Machine

Janome 2212 is a suitable option in every aspect for the beginner. It will surely give you the service and value that you are looking for in such equipment. The following is a list of the top features associated with the product:

  1. The product has an easy to exploit dial pattern selection.
  2. You will get a limited but useful option of using 12 stitch patterns.
  3. It gives you the much needed drop feed option that allows free motion quilting and sewing.
  4. The stitch width can be easily adjusted as per the requirements of the user.
  5. It has a versatile 4 step buttonhole.

6. Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia

It is an excellent option for the young school going girls who have interest in stitching as well. The following are the main features which are worth considering:

  1. The product comes with 10 built in stitch patterns.
  2. It has a top landing bobbin.
  3. There are two different needle positions which are centered and left.
  4. The system will give you a free arm sewing option.
  5. The system is super light in weight and can be carried with ease.

7. Brother Limited Edition

Brother Manufacturer is excellent and it caters for all types of needs. This limited edition is particularly manufactured for the starters. The following are its salient features:

  1. The system gives an option of 100 stitch patterns.
  2. The user can exploit the wide 7mm zigzag and several other types of decorative stitches.
  3. There is an option of a built in font which is suitable for basic monogramming.
  4. There is an oversized big table which is specifically needed for quilting or any other large projects.
  5. There are several useful accessories which come with the machine.

​8. Brother LS2125I

​Brother as always stuns the users with its versatile and easy to use systems. It is an affordable option for the beginners and the following are its main points to consider:

  1. ​This one is a full size machine which is suitable for beginners and mediocre users.
  2. You will get 10 built in stitches pattern.
  3. It has 4 step buttonhole sewing feature.
  4. The users can choose between the flat bed and the free arm usage.
  5. It is a portable system that comes with a useful carrying handle as well.
  6. 3 presser feet option is also there to be exploited by the users.

9. Brother Project Runway

It is a nice limited option for the starters to get their hand around stitching. This one is good for beginners and has also got useful options for some advanced stitching projects. The following are its top most features which you must consider:

  1. There are 50 built in stitch patterns in the system.
  2. The onboard stretch stitches give the option of sew fleece and other types of stretchy fabric with ease.
  3. ​It has a one step bobbin replacement along with a very quick and easy to set drop in bobbin.
  4. There are built in quilting stitches as well which can be exploited to join different parts of quilts with utmost ease and convenience.
  5. It is suitable to be used online in countries with 110V power source output.

10. Brother XL2610 Free-Arm

It is again a classical piece of equipment from Brother Manufacturer which is affordable and handy at the same time for the starters. The following is a list of some of the top features associated with the product:

  1. You will get as many as 25 stitches on board.
  2. It is a free arm type which makes the sewing projects quite easy and flexible.
  3. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere with utmost ease using its carrying handle.
  4. The easy to use drop in bobbin system makes it an ideal option for the beginners.

How to choose the ​Best ​Sewing Machine that suits your needs

If you are looking to buy a sewing machine then you must take care of a lot of aspects related with the system. Different manufacturers come with different options which must be evaluated in order to buy a unit which is absolutely suitable according to your needs. Further, the buyers must also compare the top products in order to dig out the best of the best systems that are available in the market. The following are some of the key points which the buyers must consider before making a purchase:

  • Evaluate your needs first that for what purpose you will be using the machine. You have to be very careful in determining this step as the features and the price of the system are all dependent on your needs and the purpose of use.
  • Set aside a realistic budget depending on the features and your needs.  Never spend too high or too low for a machine. It depends for how long you need to use it. If you are planning to get a machine that would be used by a beginner only for training purpose and then the person will be moved to the other one, then you should be buying a simple function sewing machine that would cost you a low amount. But in case it would be used for a longer period, serving in future sewing ventures that may involve sophisticated stitching, then buying a machine with some added features would be a great option and you should opt to spend a little bit of extra amount for it.
  • Consider the built in capabilities which can be to choose a manual or computerized system with LCD screen. Further, there are several other controls and features that need to be included that includes, the built in stitches, presser foot control, number of buttonhole sewing, buttonhole styles, on board storage, automatic needle threader and the speed of the machine which is given in stitches per minute. These are actually the basic features which everyone must consider.
  • But if you want to invest on a long term basis, then consider some other features as well, such as maximum stitch width, maximum stitch length, tension control, thread cutter, adjustable speed, twin need capability, free arm, sewing light, extension table, start/ stop button, adjustable feed dogs, foot controller and the automatic bobbin winder.
  • Determine if you need to have a portable system or not. It’s a matter of fact that you should be knowing how you or the person will be using the machine either staying at one place or would need to take it along where you go. If you need to carry your sewing friend with you, then you should opt to get a portable one.
  • Check out the accessories which can be handy for the beginners and even the advance users. Try to find a good value deal. So, getting a set of accessories could help make the user feel easy to work with the machine.
  • Look at the customers; feedbacks against every product which will give you an idea about the quality and usability of the product. Always select a product that has plenty of positive feedback from customers. These reviews would also help you out in knowing the limitations as well as important features of the product you are looking at. In this way you will get a better idea what you would get for your money and you would not feel blind in purchasing any product when you know everything about it.
  • Always check the reputation and value given by the manufacturer. It is always a handy indicator which will take you towards a quality product.
  • Make a comparison between the top products and short list the best one according to its features, value and all other related quality factors.

Things to avoid while searching for a ​Sewing Machine

There are certain things you should avoid while selecting a sewing machine for beginners.

Don’t make a rush decision

It’s important to search for the most suitable and quality driven products, especially when you need to get one for a beginner. Because beginners are more vulnerable to accidents and faults while working with a mechanical object or a an electrical machine. Try to select that best suits the person’s needs and the required type of stitching.

Never ignore quality

You should sort out the best brands to review and select the one that is easy to use and very clear in its functions and manufactured with quality materials. In case you select a machine that is made of non-durable body parts and can get damaged easily then it would definitely cause you a loss for sure.

Buying a complicated machine

It could be an important aspect to consider while buying a sewing machine for a beginner. Its because beginners are not familiar with the technical aspects of machines and hence need a simple system to work with in order to ease their way to learn sewing effectively.

So, its always better to have lots of features available within the same machine, but it’s not good for the newbies. You should not be getting a complicated machine with advanced level sophisticated features that requires a lot of skill to handle it correctly.

Final Verdict

The beginners as expected have very basic needs when it comes to the stitching tasks. The best sewing machine for beginners should be excellent with its basic features. Ideally, it should be easy to use with no complicated features at all. The basic system with basic features ends up as an economical option. Buying a particular machine for beginners requires a lot of research to be done by the potential. He should look into its basic features, price, convenience and the value added things which make a particular option the best one for the user. You have plenty of options in the market and you must choose the one which is suitable according to your needs and also within your budget.

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