Recommending Sewing Machines

When asked to determine which one sewing machine is the one that should be recommended, a bit of a conundrum presents itself. There are so many different high-quality and fantastic functioning machines to choose from. That’s the first problem. The second part of the predicament is there are many different types of people who sew, each doing their own individual projects and each working at different levels of ability.

So the question becomes this: is there one single machine that is the absolute perfect fit for everyone?

After many hours of research and discussion on the subject of sewing machines, the only conclusion that can be drawn to answer that question is this: No. There is no one machine that is the absolute perfect machine for any and all people who love to sew.

But don’t despair. There is a solution to the conundrum. If we make one simple modification to our query, and divide our sewing population into two main groups, then a solution presents itself.

So, that’s what we’ve done here. We’ve come up with the best sewing machine for the two groups of the population that we’re identifying. And, without further ado, here’s our recommendations:

Best Sewing Machine for the Novice and Intermediate Ability Sewing Population

If you’re just starting out in your adventure into sewing, or you’ve been at it awhile but you still haven’t mastered some of the more intricate feats, such as quilting and inserting invisible zippers without puckering, then this is the machine that we believe will be the best fit for your needs:

Brother XL2600i Sew Advance Sewing Machine

Lightweight and portable, this is a low-cost machine that can stand up to the rigors of a newbie learning the ropes of sewing. It can take you through everything from the basics of getting started to the customization of your creations. It is a low-tech, non-intimidating sewing machine that can get you started with ease and move your skills forward to the next level. From simple clothing repair to construction of your own designer home décor, this Brother XL2600i can make your dive into the world of sewing a smooth and enjoyable plunge. Here’s the pros and cons of purchasing this machine if you’re a novice or a more experienced sewer:


  • ​Clearly marked dial is your stitch selector; no need to program anything.
  • ​​Threading is done automatically.
  • ​​Drop-in, jam-resistant bobbin. Handling the bobbin is one of the hardest tasks to master but it helps Tremendously when you have a bobbin winder. There is one included on this machine.
  • ​​Custom buttonholes can be made with the one-step buttonhole stitch.
  • ​Free arm for working on sleeves, pant legs and crafts.
  • ​​25 built-in multi-function stitches.
  • ​5 presser feet included.
  • ​25 year limited warranty.


  • ​Low-tech machine, so if you’ve got to have computerized to start with, you’ll need to look at more expensive models.
  • ​No foot for invisible zipper (can be purchased separately)
  • ​No case or dust cover.
  • ​Needle may break when used on heavy or layered fabric unless sewing speed is reduced.

Best Sewing Machine for the Advanced and Master-level Ability Sewing Population

You’ve mastered the fine arts of advanced sewing. You can throw in an invisible zipper with your eyes closed and quilt a complete comforter with one hand tied behind your back. You are a master-level sewer and you know it. You need a machine that can live up to your skills. Here’s our recommendation for you:

Singer Special Edition Computerized Sewing Machine with LCD Screen and Bonus Accessories

It’s a Singer. That says a lot on its own. You’re a master at sewing; Singer is a master at making sewing machines. Put the two together and beautiful things are bound to happen.

This advanced sewing device includes a whopping 221-stitch selection with automatic stitch width and length. Your information is visible on an LCD screen. The Swiftsmart threading system cannot be beat. It is fully automatic and the easiest system around. You can tackle large or small projects easily with the extra-large sewing space. You can save and edit your stitch selections and patterns with stitch elongation, mirror imaging and stitch memory functions.

Singer sewing machines were recognized in 2013 and 2014 by Women’s Choice Award as America’s Best for Home Sewing Machine. This means Singer is the brand of sewing machine that women would most highly recommend to other women.


  • ​​Large stitch selection and easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • ​​SwiftSmart threading with automatic needle threader.
  • ​Programmable needle up/down and automatic twin needle mode.
  • ​Presser foot sensor with alarm and error message capability.
  • ​Feed dog control.
  • ​​Heavy-duty metal frame.
  • ​Free arm.


  • ​The large working space is actually to the left of the needle more than the right.
  • ​Instructions assume user has certain pre-knowledge and thus may be tough for some beginners.
  • ​Noisier than some other machines.

​So there you have it. Whether you’re new to sewing or are a seasoned veteran, there’s a top notch machine waiting to work with you.

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